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Liz Chan’s article: Chinese Britons have put up with racism for too long

Liz Chan has written an article for the Guardian Online prompted by stories from East Asian actors describing similar treatment within the profession and the revelation that the Chinese suffer arguably higher levels of racism than any other ethnic group in Britain - but are too passive or too scared to report them.

See: Chinese Britons have put up with racism for too long

Yellow Earth’s work helps to overcome such prejudice by developing and presenting positive images of contemporary Chinese characters on stage and attracting as wide an audience as possible to see them.

Chinese Writer’s Project at the Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester

Crossing the Professional Threshold - a 14 week course for creative writers of Chinese descent developed by University of Bolton in conjunction with Chinese Arts Centre.

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It’s time to put British east Asian theatre in the spotlight

David Tse Ka-Shing writes for The Guardian Theatre blog:

Of the three largest ethnic minority groups in the UK, the British east Asian (BEA) presence in arts and culture is still the most invisible. Go to any subsidised theatre or turn on the TV and you'll know what I mean.

EastEnders, in 23 years of being broadcast, has regularly featured south Asian and black families but the only Chinese presence so far has been someone selling dodgy DVDs.

It's a far cry from the 100,000 or so British east Asians – the majority of them professionals – living and working in London.

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